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Orange Harvest 2015

I have just harvest my orange crop from the tree we have grown from a pip about 30 years age! This year we got nearly 2 lbs of fruit enough to make a batch of sweet orange marmalade, This has been an idea that I have had for some time as we do not get that much fruit staying on the tree every year, you can see one of hopefully next years oranges starting to form next to this years  last 2 oranges.



2015-08-05 13.13.41The black currants have been great this year as has all soft fruit in my garden. They are so good for breakfast with yogurt or on cereals. I have been making some of the surplus into jam or freezing the fruit for later use. My store larder is getting quite full and I am running out of jam jars!

The Mud Pie Kitchen has been a great success !

P1020385Here are some of the excellent mud pies, they look so tasty with a flower on the top. Visiting children have been fascinated with our new Mud Pie Kitchen, Mary Berry and the British Bake Off watch out!