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Pansies have such dear little faces!

P1020310These are some of the pansies we planted just before Easter and are now looking in their prime, though we did have a problem with the chickens trying to dig them up to start with, but a small but of wire mesh did the trick.


There was something eating my plants!

P1020321I could see that some thing was eating my new plants in the border but never expected quite so many snails in one night after putting down some environmentally friendly bait. Nearly 100 shells. I think they must have been wintering in the stone wall.

Jolly little caravan

P1020306What a lovely little caravan and such a jolly colour too. The owner says it is excellent , so easy to tow and well planned out inside.

Mud Pie Kitchen!

P1020305We have had fun making this Mud Pie Kitchen for the children in our little rustic play area, it even has a tiny sink unit and serving hatch.