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Do you like this new photo of Rye Hill Farm?



Our harvest is IN.

P1020054P1020061At one time there were 5 tractors working in the field, the bales are very heavy, no way could you move them by hand but the tractors manage to pick up 2 at a time before they get wrapped in thin plastic to keep the air and weather out.

Fields of grass cut for winter feed.

P1020033On Sunday the contractors cut our field of long grass for making into hay or silage to feed to the stock in winter. If the weather is right, dry and breezy we will make it as hay that does not need to be wrapped in black plastic to keep it usable.

White Heather for good luck!

I found this littP1020012le clump of white heather on my walk in Slaley Forest with Barley the dog yesterday. Folk law says it will bring you good luck, all I know is that I was lucky to see it as it is not a common occurrence and I have never found it  in the wild before.