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The sheep have all been to the hairdresser!

Trevor and Tom came to shear the sheep on Friday, I had meant to take a photo for you to see but they were shorn so fast the I could hardly keep up with “wrapping” the fleeces in to a big roll then putting the fleece into the wool sheets.

Here are the wool sheets each contains about 35 fleeces. The sheets will then be collect for the Wool Marketing Board to process .



2014-06-14 18.08.49The roses are now in full bloom looking so lovely and some smelling heavenly, Sadly they don’t last in full bloom for very long but this year we are having the right weather to really enjoy them

Bumble Bees

2014-06-14 18.06.01I think that I have seen many more bumble bees around this year, may be because we had such a mild winter.

Caution Children

008The sign up the drive way to warn of free ranging animals and children or even Grannies around the corner!