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Sign on the side of Linnels Bridge

Sign on the side of  Linnels Bridge

This is on the Hexham side of the bridge and says who built it and when


Linnels Bridge

001This is the tiny single track bridge on the road to Hexham, it is at the bottom of a hill with double bends before and after. The local code of practice is if you are more on the bridge than the on coming car, then the other car has to reverse back. The trouble is it is not always easy to tell if there is an oncoming car because of the bridge’s hump. It is a very safe bridge in spite of its years, it was built in 1581

Sneaky pansy in the wall


Rose and Crown Community Pub

Rose and Crown Community Pub

We now have a community pub up and running well in the village ,Slaley, They have got a new young chef and the food reports are good! It is a walk of about 35 minutes from Rye Hill Farm, 5 minutes by car.