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Den Building by the Campsite

I shall be sad not to have as many children about now that term time is upon us again. We have had some great children on the campsite despite the rather wet conditions. Here is one of the many dens that have been built in the wood beside the campsite. I do hope that the weather for camping will be better next year!


So what sort of weather will there be tomorrow?

We have had a lot of sun shine and rain, never quite knowing for how long we have one or the other. Campers are keeping their cars off the site in order that it does not get too boggy which is making a huge difference. Our small hide away site is just the other side of these trees.

Winter feed for the sheep gathered in.

We have finally got the field cut for silage, that is grass that is cut, allowed to dry a bit then is bailed into  large rolls and covered with a tight film of black plastic to keep the air out and preserve it for use in the winter. This year despite the rain we did manage to get some of the field bailed as hay, which is when we allow the cut grass to completely dry out in the sun before bailing, this means that it does not need to be covered in plastic but must be stored in the dry in a barn.

Been Away for the weekend!

ImageMy sister managed to get some tickets for the Olympic opening. It was a terrific event, even better than on the TV, the atmosphere electric and every one so very welcoming and friendlyImage