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Orange Blossom in the Dining Room!

My orange tree in the B&B dining room is flower at the moment and the scent is wonderful, I do hope that the fruit buds dont now fall off as they so often do. 2 years ago we had 5 wonderful fully matured oranges that took about a year to mature but were then first class Jaffa type fruits. The tree was planted from a pip in my daughter’s bedroom about 26 years ago, it is now confined to the patio doors in the B&B dining room where it seems to be happy. my challenge is to have enough fruits to make our own home grown batch of marmalade!!!!


Snowy Campers

What a difference a week can make! From sun bathing on the campsite to making snow men. On tuesday night we had about 6 inches of snow, in the morning we had to get the tractor to clear the road in. But the campers were all happy and warm in their vans, the children very excited.

April Fools Day!

The dining room of the B&B was full with guests having breakfast when my attention was required. A starling had fallen down the chimney into the[ unlit] fireplace and was now flying around trying to get out of the window. It soon found its way out of the opened window without havingĀ eaten anyone’sĀ  breakfast. Lots of laughs about how I planned the bird to come down the chimney on April 1st.