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Campsite Opening

I have just mown our small campsite ready for our first guest to arrive tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to enjoy a bit of sun bathing whilst watching the new born lambs skipping around in the next door field.


Is this summer ?

We are having such wonderful weather it is as hot as it is in summer time, only hope the summer is as good. I have had to put up sun protection for the sheep so they can get some more shade.


We have had our first gathering of this seasons rhubarb, slightly earlieImager than usual as it has been such a mild spring. I cook it in the oven with some orange juice and sugar.  B&B guests like it for breakfast with some yogurt, before having a traditional farmhouse breakfast of sausage, bacon, egg, tomato , mushrooms and maybe some old fashioned fried bread.. I like to source as much of the ingredients locally so the rhubarb has no transport costs and is picked just as I want to cook it, so really fresh! Later on in the season we might have gooseberries, blackcurrents or raspberries all from the garden.


I have a flock of 70 breeding sheep, they are mostly a breed called Mules crossed with a Texel Ram . They are bred for meat production, the wool is a by product. We lamb in March having put the rams in with the ewes in October, the rams wear a crayon raddle so as to show when they have visited a ewe, so if you see sheep with a variety of colour marks on their rumps, that is the reason! We hope that most of the ewes will have 2 good lambs, some do have 3 but as the ewes only have 2 teats one of the lambs does not get enough milk so here we take off the spare lamb and hand rear it until we have a ewe that has a single lamb and try to adopt the extra one on to her [ not always very sucessful ] as lambs do better when raised by a ewe. Here we lamb indoors in a big shed, when the lambs are born they are put into individual pens so that we are sure the ewe has really bonded with her lambs before they are turned out on to the fields.

Spring time 2

Checking out the new curtains!Image

Spring Time

Hi This is my first post, so I might get it all wrong!