Lambing is in full swing

20150326_174010 (1024x576)We would love to have just 2 lambs per ewe, as sheep only have 2 udders and lambs like to have one each. This ewe has had 4 lambs! So I will have to hand rear with a bottle 2 of them, which is a lot of work and often the lambs do not do as well as if they are reared by their mothers. At the moment we have 9 lambs that are on the bottle, fed 4 times a day.

Silver Catkins

P1020271These are the beautiful red stemmed willow’s catkins they grow round our little campsite, looking so sparkly in the sun, sorry they wont be there when the campsite re opens in April [weather permitting!]

Roman Recruits at Chester Fort

20150217_113348I took some of my many grandchildren to Chester’s Roman Fort on Hadrians Wall over half term to see if I could enlist them as new recruits! We had a very good time and spent about 2 hours at the site even though it was bitterly cold. It is one of the English Heritage sites along the wall and now I have bought a year’s membership,which also allows me to take up to six children at a time,[I think that would be rather an undertaking] so excellent value as there are quite a few English Heritage sites locally.

Winter sunshine in Bed and Breakfast dining room

Sun light in the dining room

Sun light in the dining room

The low winter sun is wonderful in the dining room. It’s a lovely place to relax over breakfast and plan your day.

Winter DIY jobs

Ryehill B&B sitting room smallI have just re done the B&B sitting room and stairs. I found painting the stairwell ceiling rather difficult, I was a bit wobbly on a plank between 2 ladders! So when you next come to visit us, I hope you will like the new more modern look.

Ginger the farm cat

P1020217 (800x600)This is one of the farm cats called Ginger. Her friend is called Poppy but is much more shy and is more blacky in colour. They were new to the farm last year and seem to be very happy doing what cats do outside. They are often seen curled up snug in the hay.


Snow Drops in the snow

P1020201Lovely lot of snow today, it looks so pretty.


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