Misty and Raining again. Campsite not open yet. Phone for updates 01434 673259


Thank goodness the winter rain has stopped


Washing blowing in the wind!

November and it is time to do some re furbishments

November and it is time to do some re furbishments

The old stone walls are rather damp so we are going to dry line and insulate them to stop all the office files getting so damp! These are not the proper builders, they are larger.

Another toad stool

Another toad stool

Not as colourful as the previous one but so interesting if you look closely. I must learn their names!!!

Toad stools

Toad stools

Slaley forest is full of the most wonderful fungi at the moment, not all as colourful as these but quite magical.

Lovely warm weather


Some one thinks they might grow in a washing up bowl like Grandma’s plants in the green house!

Marmalade Making

The marmalade is now made for 2013, it is a lovely winter job , the house gets full of the most delicious smell when it is boiling away. I usually make 2 different types,  a dark one that has a bit of black treacle added to give it that richer flavour and the popular Saville Orange marmalade. It is now all stored away in the larder ready for  the B&B guests’ breakfasts this year.006


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