Bramble Time!

Several years ago there used to be almost traffic congestion on this little lane with the amount of Black Berry pickers, now it seems there is just us and a few of the campers. This year they are plentiful and so easy to pick here. I use them to make a Mrs Beaton recipe for seedless Blackberry and Apple Jam [ apples grown in the garden] which is wonderful on toast for breakfast it also makes great jam tarts that the grandchildren adore.P1020101P1020103

My dog Barley taken by a camper


What a monster machine

This is the muck spreader that was used to spread the muck from the sheep shed on to the fields to improve the grass and make it grow wellP1020063.

Mother hen comes out of the woods with her brood!

I had realized I was a hen missing and feared that Mr Fox had had her for dinner

3 weeks later Mrs Black hen re-appears at the chicken run with her babies.

There are 11 all looking good and now in a brood box to keep them safe.P1020067

Stone sculptures in Slaley Forest

P1020004One of about 12 sculptures to be found in Slaley Forest a 5 minute drive from Rye Hill Farm, great place for walks with dogs or children.

Do you like this new photo of Rye Hill Farm?


Our harvest is IN.

P1020054AP1020061t one time there were 5 tractors working in the field, The bales are very heavy, no way could you move them by hand but the tractors manage to pick up 2 at a time before they get wrapped in thin plastic to keep the air and weather out.


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