Winter View to the Pub

P1020153 (800x600)Even in winter the views can be spectacluar, this is looking down towards The Traveller’s Rest pub, sadly there is not direct route across the fields.

Wood Felling in the Forest opens new views

2014-12-05 16.50.44There is one part of the forest that has recently been clear felled. It takes just 2 men and some really clever machines to do what would have taken many men a long time to do in the 1950s. Here the lengths are stored ready for a wagon to collect for processing. Once the area has been cleared new views are opened up for a time before the new planting has taken hold.

The view towards Allendale

P1020177 (800x600)This is the view from the farm over towards Allendale where they have a New Year’s tradition of carrying flaming barrels of tar round the town on people’s heads!!!

Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project

P1020146 (800x600)Dukesfield Smelt Mills just a mile down the road was a massive industrial complex between 1670 and 1835 where lead ore was being turned into bars of lead. The lead was then taken by ponies, up to 300 a day, to be sold from Blaydon on the banks of the River Tyne. These arches are all that is left and they would have carried the flues to the chimneys.

Today there is a lovely walk/cycle route past them and into Slaley Forest

Holly Berries

P1020139 (800x600)There are masses of berries on our holly trees at the moment but will there be any left for Christmas decorations, I expect the birds will be having a feast.

Corbridge’s Roman Site

P1020166 (800x600)I had a lovely morning with 2 excited Grandchildren at The Corbridge Roman site. Here they are standing on the floor of a grain store with the air vents below, and they were just the right size for crawling through them! They were fascinated by the Roman armor in the museum as also seen on Country File this weekend.

Thinking of Christmas!

2014-09-07 15.03.22Some of mother natures Christmas baubles??? Slaley Forest just a short distance up the road has masses of wonderful tracks for walking or mountain biking. And we are still open at Christmas time.


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